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Design Guide

Are you unsure what to select upon booking your appointment? Hopefully this guide will give you the idea on how our tiers work. If you have a design in mind but you are unsure what to book then please contact us with pictures.

Booking & Pricing

Our pricing varies based on each artist and their skills. All our self employed staff offer different services, If you want to find out more about who exactly does what at The Gel Studio then please click the button below to be taken to our booking system.

One Colour

A simple yet gorgeous manicure. Choose up to ten colours.


The simple stuff, just a little something extra on top of a sheer base or one colour.

Includes accent nails and simple patterns.


A step up from bronze, designs take a little longer and require a little more time & technique.

Includes french, abstracts, ombres, patterns & very detailed accent nails.


Gold tier designs require time for planning, use a lot of products, colours & techniques.

Includes complex painting, art on top of French, tip designs, layers of art, mix & match designs & single character nails.