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Full Cover Express Extensions

Wanting to cut down time and take the stress away from building extensions? The current popular trend of these tips will help you create long lasting nails without your clients being in the chair for hours.

The Full Cover Express Extensions course is suitable for anyone with a Builder Gel qualification and wanting to take their nail game to the next level.

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In-Person: approx. 5 hours in classroom learning - £115
Online: approx. 4 hours online learning via zoom - £99


Course Content

  • Rules & Regulations

  • Nail Structure & Functions

  • Safety, Hygiene & Infection Control

  • Ethics & Standard Of Practice

  • Contraindications & Actions

  • Allergies

  • Polymerisation

  • Client Consultation

  • About Full Cover Tips

  • Tools & Equipment

  • Preparation Of The Natural Nail

  • Full Cover Tip Application

  • Infilling & Filing Techniques

  • Starting Up Your Business

  • & MORE

What's Included

  • The Gel Studio Training Manual

  • Recommendation & Discount Booklet

  • ABT Accredited Certificate

  • Ongoing Support

Course Requirements

You will need to hold an accredited Gel Polish or higher to join this course.


In-Person: No kit is required to attend this course but you will need a kit of your own to complete your case studies so it would be best to attend with a full kit. Kit list will be sent out once booked.
Online: You will need a kit to complete your course as you will need to follow along online via video link and also you will need this to complete your case studies. Kit list will be send out to you upon booking.


None required, you will be working on yourself or each other so please make sure you have your nails free of product.

How To Pass

After the course you will need to  provide 3 case studies. Once these have been submitted, you will then receive your ABT qualification and certificate.

How To Book

£50 deposit is required to secure a space on the course. This is non-refundable and comes off the total remaining. Full payments needs to be made 7 days before the course date.

Please email to enquire or book.

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