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E-File Masterclass

Want to learn how to reduce hand strain and speed up your nail services? 

Want to learn how to use your E-File safely and efficiently?

The the E-File Masterclass is for you!

The Gel Studio is an official Lucy Pastorelli Approved Affiliate and all of our students receive a discount code with their information pack upon payment of deposit.

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In-Person: approx. 5 hours in classroom learning - £140


Course Content

  • Rules & Regulations

  • Nail Structure & Functions

  • Safety, Hygiene & Infection Control

  • Ethics & Standard Of Practice

  • Contraindications & Actions

  • Client Consultation

  • Understanding Your E-File

  • Dust & Ventilation

  • About Your Bits

  • Caring For & Preparing Your E-File 

  • E-Filing Techniques - 7 Different Ways Of Using It

  • Cleaning & Sanitising

  • & MORE

What's Included

  • The Gel Studio Training Manual

  • Lucy Pastorelli Student Discount Code

  • Recommendation & Discount Booklet

  • ABT Accredited Certificate

  • Ongoing Support

Course Requirements

You will need to hold an accredited Gel Polish or higher to join this course.


In-Person: A kit is required to attend this course. The kit list will be send out when paying your deposit.


None required, you will be working on yourself. You will need to have product on and it will need to be grown out and ready for a infill. More information will be send out upon booking.

How To Pass

Once you have shown that you can use the E-File correctly and confidently you will receive your ABT certificate.

How To Book

£50 deposit is required to secure a space on the course. This is non-refundable and comes off the total remaining. Full payments needs to be made 7 days before the course date.

Please email to enquire or book.

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